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Without Heroes (full song)

Death to the Saints (30-sec)

The Herald of War (30-sec)

Last Stand of the Pagen Kings (30-sec)

VIDEO - Without Heroes (4:34)

VIDEO - Death to the Saints (7:26)

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CD Song List:

1. Realm of the Blood Dancer (01:21)
2. Death to the Saints (03:24)
3. The Herald of War (04:57)
4. Without Heroes (04:22)
5. Monster (05:26)
6. Discourse of the Soul (01:41)
7. Skulls Crushed (and People Burned) (04:03)
8. Palace of Bones (05:59)
9. Last Stand of the Pagan Kings (07:40)


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"...stunning solos... tight drumming... pumping bass... stunning vocals."

"If we broke Iron Maiden we could use this instead."
"Jump on this bandwagon now, power/battle metal fans, because if there's any justice left in the world, you'll be hearing a lot more from this quintet."

MetalSpeak | 2.21.13    Click for Audio Review

RockEyez | 1.10.13
(5 stars)   “Death to the Saints” puts BLOOD DANCER in a class of their own and as a young band their approach is more of seasoned veterans. The song has some down tuning and slashes with some killer guitar licks by Cory Barclay.

Christopher Barclay’s vocals are outstanding and will be a force in the music world at some point. They have already mastered the harmonies and background vocals that depth to the sound. abundant talent that over-throws many genres and shows that many will not be able to pinpoint the direction of BLOOD DANCER, only to name them kings of all.
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From the Dust Returned | 1.11.13
It's almost unthinkable that an unsigned band could record an album like the eponymous Blood Dancer debut, at their own home studio with no outside interference, and result in a product which is not only competent and professional, but frankly superior to a great deal of the traditional heavy and power metal you'll hear coming from groups with 20+ years of experience behind them.

Jump on this bandwagon now, power/battle metal fans, because if there's any justice left in the world, you'll be hearing a lot more from this quintet.
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Muzik Reviews | 12.29.12
(4 stars)   ...I would say that Blood Dancer delivered on their promise to take listeners through “an epic journey through…humanity’s brutal history.” It is an impressive effort for a debut album.

The vocals are well done and the high and powerful voice that can climb over the music is reminiscent of heavy metal from the 80s...

Last Stand of the Pagan King ... is grand in scope and arguably the best on the album and leaves the listener blown away... I think Blood Dancer is onto something.

They have nice and heavy sound with the vocals to match... Blood Dancer is definitely a band to watch on the metal scene.
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Middle Tennessee Music | 1.7.13
Blood Dancer is an epic novel exploring the brutal history of human existence…in the form of in-your-face, raging classic metal.

Blood Dancer delivers. From Track 1 until Track 9, your eardrums will be ringing to the raging shred grooves of this classic thrash metal adventure.

Their songs are stories inspired by an eclectic source of influences including literature, poetry, medieval times, and historic figures.

Each song is a chapter in this first novel. I assure you Blood Dancer will be back with Book Two soon.
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Muzik Reviews | 12.29.12
It’s an uplifting album.

Blood Dancer are using an old heavy metal recipe but using very fresh ingredients.

It’s like they’ve made a lasagne and added pepperoni. It’s delicious.

You need this to brighten up your January. If we broke Iron Maiden we could use this instead. It’s a really strong debut album.
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The Metal Observer | 1.1.13
BLOOD DANCER is a young and quite talented American Power or Heavy Metal band from San Diego, California that keeps the spirit of bands such as IRON MAIDEN, QUEENSRYCHE or W.A.S.P. alive these years.

...everything is said and done from stunning solos over a tight drumming, an energizingly pumping bass guitar up to the stunning vocals..

...give the debut record of these five guys a try on their Bandcamp site and encourage these young talents.
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