Metallic Nourishment from Blood Dancer

Civilization was not forged overnight. The societies that we live in were sculpted, piece-by-piece, in the sweat and blood of those before us.

People interact and converse with each other through the predisposed principles of our ancestors, but interaction is a process. The envelope is bent everyday, people still push forward for change. To break the teachings of our ancestors is to break the social mold. Different ages call for different dispositions and beliefs.

History is shaped by action, and that History is the foundation of Today. It is important to recognize the trials and tribulations of those who made us who we are, while also noticing that those same tribulations occur today.

In the ancient and medieval times, when life was short and brutal, people were less distracted by technology and the world was still mysterious. The only truth: death was certain and life was not. Most people had no say over politics, war and religion. Where, in today's age, it seems everyone has a voice, in darker times, personal beliefs were scarce and dangerous. Imagine the undiscovered knowledge and ideas of those who never had a voice.

These ideas and stories are a product of our ancestors, like we all are. To some, these stories meant everything; even fictional tales are completely real to someone. That someone sought to question and fight the status quo, but that someone never had a voice.

These ancient ancestors deserve to be recognized, so people can see where we come from and where we're going. Our history was shaped by people who believed in something greater than themselves. Something unattainable by the humanly senses. But if you can't sense something, how can you be certain that it's really there?

The only truth: death is certain, life is not.

—  Blood Dancer  —
Cory Barclay

Lead Guitar


Chris Barclay


Paul Clausen

Rhythm Guitar

Ian Luckey


David Hunt



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